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The SG Heart Map is a celebration of the places in Singapore that define home for us. This project provides opportunities for Singapore residents to reflect and connect based on the special moments and shared memories of these places which define Singapore as HOME as well as articulate their dreams/aspirations for the future of their HOME.

Over a period of 6 months, 90,000+ and counting contributions were collected. The stories were shared and celebrated through translation by 7 lead artists into various art forms. These art forms were showcased across the island in 5 main and several satellite celebratory events and exhibitions throughout the year-long celebration. A culmination of all the stories collected, places celebrated and art forms co-created between the artists and the public was exhibited in a finale event at the Marina Bay Floating Platform.

The 7 lead artists were filmmaker Royston Tan (@filmr), founder of BooksActually Kenny Leck (@kenny.leck), illustrator Michael Ng Mindflyer (@mindflyer), sound artist Zul Mahmod (@zulmahmod), founder of DECK and the Singapore International Photography Festival Gwen Lee (@deck_sg), the Urban Sketchers Singapore (@USSG), and filmmaker and motion designer William Chan (@tmrrwstudio).

Visit the SG Heart Map website here.


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As we approach Singapore’s 50th birthday in 2015, let’s take a look at our journey as a people. One that’s shared by all of us. And come together as family, friends and neighbours to celebrate this milestone in our history.
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Art-Zoo creates an imaginative landscape that celebrates and explores nature through the perspective of art. It commemorates the spirit of artistic expression through a visual adventure that stirs up curiosity and wonder in all ages.
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Violet Oon Singapore


Violet Oon Singapore is a showcase of Singapore’s treasure trove of secret home recipes from their Peranakan heritage while at the same time reflecting Singapore’s history as the crossroads of the world with their repertoire of foods from many lands.
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President’s Design Award 10th Anniversary Exhibition


To commemorate the Award’s 10th anniversary, the DesignSingapore Council and Urban Redevelopment Authority have commissioned a multimedia exhibition that reflects on the achievements and impact that the President’s Design Award has had over the past decade on our society.
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Central Singapore CDC


Central Singapore Community Development Council (CDC) serves 975,500 residents living in the Central Singapore area and envisions itself as a do-good district.
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CREATIVE©ITIES is a project inspired by how the “creative city” defines the aspirations of cities around the world today. It maps out what this new world looks like through the people, projects, products and places, recommended by creators living in these cities. The exhibition looked at 10 cities in the Asia-Pacific that are leading this wave of change — Kaohsiung, Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.

「創意©城市」企劃靈感來自於好奇現今世界上的「創意城市」如何定義城市的企圖心。本展透過居住在不同 城市的創意人分別推薦人、企劃、商品和地點,勾勒出嶄新的世界風貌。「創意©城市」首站聚焦於10個引領 改變風潮的亞太城市—高雄、曼谷、北京、香港、吉隆坡、馬尼拉、首爾、新加坡、雪梨和東京。

BLACK curated and designed the exhibition.




SG50 was a year of great memories and celebrations. Moving forward as a nation, we continue to celebrate the SG spirit with a new identity.
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Singapore Art Week 2018

SAW 2017-01

Singapore Art Week (SAW) 2018 seek to expand and broaden the audience’s interactions with art beyond seeing.
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SG Heart Map

SG Heart Map-02

The SG Heart Map is a celebration of the places in Singapore that define home for us. This project provides opportunities for Singapore residents to reflect and connect based on the special moments and shared memories of these places which define Singapore as HOME as well as articulate their dreams/aspirations for the future of their HOME.
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KYO Project

KYO Cover-02

The KYO Project was created to introduce Japanese makers to opportunities outside of their local audience, reinterpret traditional Japanese crafts and extend their reach to a larger international audience.
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Gardens by the Bay Children’s Festival 2017: Dyenosaur Gardens


The Dye-nosaur Gardens being the key event of the Gardens by the Bay’s annual Children’s Festival, transports visitors into an imaginative world, where adventures take place in a colourful prehistoric garden.
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TOMORROW: Design Stories of Our Future


What would a day in Singapore look like come 2065? 10 designers and 10 illustrators from this city present their visions of her future today.
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SingaPlural 2017


SingaPlural showcases the best design elements from the multi-faceted creative spectrum. SingaPlural 2017 brought about completely new perspectives with a refreshing take on design and how it influences our daily lives.
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The Gouvernante


The Gouvernante Private Limited is a professional housekeeping service provider that manages your home and household needs. They aspire to enhance the quality of life by providing customers with premium services so that they can be relieved from the mundane household chores to do the things they love.
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Honour Singapore

Honour SG-02

Honour (Singapore) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting a culture of Honour and Honouring. It is a citizen-led initiative, founded by concerned citizens and guided by a multi-racial and multi-religious panel of community advisors.
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Tunglok Teahouse 同乐小聚


Tunglok Teahouse offers a range of Chinese delicacies, from Dim Sum made fresh to traditional Teochew dishes that are recreated with Tunglok’s distinct creativity while retaining the authentic flavours and tastes of yesteryears.
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HDB Welcome Kit

HDB Welcome Kit-02

The re-designed HDB Welcome Kit welcomes flat owners to their new neighborhood in a warm & friendly tone.
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The National Design Centre is where designers and businesses congregate to exchange ideas, conduct business, use its facilities and obtain assistance from the national agency for design, the DesignSingapore Council.
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Chef in Box

Chef in Box-02

A JR Group Initiative, Chef–in–Box was established in 2001 with the vision of creating quality meals in a box for the convenience of all individuals.
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Singapore Design Golden Jubilee Award


The Singapore Design Golden Jubilee Award is a commendation by the Minister for Communications and Information to honour Singapore’s pioneer designers.
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