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The SG Heart Map is a celebration of the places in Singapore that define home for us. This project provides opportunities for Singapore residents to reflect and connect based on the special moments and shared memories of these places which define Singapore as HOME as well as articulate their dreams/aspirations for the future of their HOME.

Over a period of 6 months, 90,000+ and counting contributions were collected. The stories were shared and celebrated through translation by 7 lead artists into various art forms. These art forms were showcased across the island in 5 main and several satellite celebratory events and exhibitions throughout the year-long celebration. A culmination of all the stories collected, places celebrated and art forms co-created between the artists and the public was exhibited in a finale event at the Marina Bay Floating Platform.

The 7 lead artists were filmmaker Royston Tan (@filmr), founder of BooksActually Kenny Leck (@kenny.leck), illustrator Michael Ng Mindflyer (@mindflyer), sound artist Zul Mahmod (@zulmahmod), founder of DECK and the Singapore International Photography Festival Gwen Lee (@deck_sg), the Urban Sketchers Singapore (@USSG), and filmmaker and motion designer William Chan (@tmrrwstudio).

Visit the SG Heart Map website here.


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Shermay’s Singapore Fine Foods

Shermay’s Singapore Fine Foods creates the most authentic Singaporean taste experience and lets us discover the old taste of Singapore.
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Noise SG Festival Exhibition 2016


Noise Singapore is a platform organised by the National Arts Council that gives youths the opportunity to express, develop and showcase their talents. Noise Singapore 2016 is based on the concept of ‘Uncharted’.
Details »

Kaki Lima


A homage to Singapore’s 50 years of independence, Kaki Lima (translation: Five Foot Way) features tiled ornaments inspired by iconic Singapore destinations. Intrigued by how the different ornaments could come together and create a unique patchwork, this culturally inspired new print was born.

Noise SG Festival Exhibition 2015

Noise 2015-02

Curiosity is a powerful force that drives us forward. As kids we’re insatiably inquisitive. Everything – from cups to cupboards, dirt to our own hands – fascinates us. For many of us, we start losing our appetite for curiosity as we get older.
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Noise SG Festival Exhibition 2014


Noise Singapore 2014 is based on the concept of ‘Work in Progress’. The layers of continuous processes that an artist goes through during his/her Work in Progress stage is as important as their final artworks. The exhibition centers around this theme and gives the artists a channel to showcase their processes and their works.


i Light Marina Bay 2014


i Light Marina Bay is Asia’s only sustainable light art festival that showcases innovative content, the intelligent use of lighting as well as an international line-up of creative talents. Themed Light+heART, the festival this year features 28 innovative and environmentally sustainable light art installations from around the world. The Marina Bay waterfront will be transformed into a magical space of light and colour for the public to celebrate both public spaces and creativity.

BLACK designed the i Light Marina Bay 2014 festival identity and graphics

Future Tense 2014


A publication from the Futures Group of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Future Tense aims to discuss local and international topics that would impact us. The cover flap of the publication provides a play of juxtaposition of the current and possible future situation of a selected topic. Information graphics are also suitably applied to various articles to aid in the dissemination of content.

WDA Lifelong Learning Institute

BLACK was commissioned by Workforce Development Agency to create a series of wall murals for their new campus, Lifelong Learning Institute. Inspired by the mission of the Lifelong Learning Institute, the concept of the murals was to encourage people to keep learning based on the belief that learning is a continuous journey with no boundaries.

Alkaff Mosque

BLACK was commission to create historical wall installation for the newly renovated Alkaff Mosque Serangoon.

The installation was based on the journey and contribution from the Alkaff family for the Mosque as well as their contribution for Singapore.

Dancing Crab

Dancing Crab is a refreshing, American counterpart to Singapore’s equally famed preferences for seafood, shellfish and rich flavors. The brand promises a mix of robust, country-style Cajun seafood and the distinctive richness of Creole cuisine.
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Noise SG Festival Exhibition 2013

Every artist hopes to develop a distinct voice and Noise Singapore wants to get them heard. The Noise Singapore 2013 Festival Showcase brought together the voices of aspiring artists in a series of exhibitions and concerts.
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Swee Lee

Swee Lee was founded in 1946 after World War II, as a music company supplying brass and woodwind instruments to the British military band. today, Swee Lee has grown from a local retailer to become a regional distributor of musical instruments, professional light, sound and specialized concert equipment, with also a reputation as a professional audio and video system provider.

BLACK was commissioned to revamp the brand identity, retail, environmental graphics, communicating a new brand image filled with rich musical experiences, stories and legacies.


BLACK created the exhibition’s visual identity to celebrate Old Master Q’s 50th anniversary


Herman Miller Reach 2013

REACH is a design festival celebrating Herman Miller’s latest innovations.
BLACK created the festival campaign image for REACH in collaboration with illustrator, Pigologist

Herman Miller Timeline

BLACK was commissioned by Herman Miller to create a giant timeline mural of it’s colorful history. The graphic timeline was designed in collaboration with illustrator, Pigologist. The mural was also presented in the Essential Eames exhibition at Singapore ArtScience Museum.

Herman Miller Liveable Office Award

Work is no longer a place we go. It’s a thing we do – anywhere and anytime.

Design of the office used to revolve around how to accommodate technology and power rather than the user. With almost ubiquitous access to wireless data and diminishing sizes of devices, the shift now applies to design workspaces around driving collaboration and promoting user’s postural changes. The discipline of workspace design has entered a new phase. The award highlights the best office design in Asia Pacific. BLACK created the brand identity and image for the award.


Gillman Barracks

Gillman Barracks (GB) is Asia’s up-and-coming destination for contemporary art. It will be distinguished as a vibrant centre in Asia for the creation, exhibition and discussion of contemporary art.

Named after British general Sir Webb Gillman, GB is set amid lush greenery and was once a stronghold to the First Battalion of the Middlesex Regiment. The conserved colonial barracks now houses galleries and creative businesses, as well as the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA).

Inspired by a quote from artist, Paul Klee, “a drawing is simply a line going for a walk”, BLACK designed the brand identity of Gillman Barracks (GB) based on the concept that “art is the line that can go across all walks of life”. The project was done in collaboration with Singaporean artist collective, PHUNK and the TRANSMISSION apprentices.






SingaPlural is an annual showcase that celebrates design in all its forms, functions, stories and inspirations.

BLACK designed the brand identity for the festival. The logo design symbolizes this movement and invigoration of design and designers in our furniture industry, locally and internationally, from our little red dot.

FUTUREtense 2013

A publication from the Futures Group of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Future Tense aims to discuss local and international topics that would impact us. The cover flap of the publication provides a play of juxtaposition of the current and possible future situation of a selected topic. Information graphics are also suitably applied to various articles to aid in the dissemination of content.

The Crostini Bar

Like the unplanned and irregular stamping of the logo, The Crostini Bar is a spontaneous and happening place where you would let go, munch on your toasts, enjoy your beer, while not having to worry about the mess you create. Menus and namecards have a hand-written and personal touch to make sure every customer feels at home and relaxed.