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The SG Heart Map is a celebration of the places in Singapore that define home for us. This project provides opportunities for Singapore residents to reflect and connect based on the special moments and shared memories of these places which define Singapore as HOME as well as articulate their dreams/aspirations for the future of their HOME.

Over a period of 6 months, 90,000+ and counting contributions were collected. The stories were shared and celebrated through translation by 7 lead artists into various art forms. These art forms were showcased across the island in 5 main and several satellite celebratory events and exhibitions throughout the year-long celebration. A culmination of all the stories collected, places celebrated and art forms co-created between the artists and the public was exhibited in a finale event at the Marina Bay Floating Platform.

The 7 lead artists were filmmaker Royston Tan (@filmr), founder of BooksActually Kenny Leck (@kenny.leck), illustrator Michael Ng Mindflyer (@mindflyer), sound artist Zul Mahmod (@zulmahmod), founder of DECK and the Singapore International Photography Festival Gwen Lee (@deck_sg), the Urban Sketchers Singapore (@USSG), and filmmaker and motion designer William Chan (@tmrrwstudio).

Visit the SG Heart Map website here.


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Voyage De La Vie

BLACK was commisioned to conceptualise and create the branding and identity for the Resorts World Sentosa’s production of Voyage De La Vie, a circus theatre extravaganza. The illustration was done in collaboration with Pixelpastry. Images Courtesy of Resorts World Sentosa.

Strange Times

BLACK worked with WOHA on their presentation at the ICSID World Design Congress 2009, creating infographics and layout of a newspaper – the ‘Strange Times’, for the future year of 2050.

ICSID World Design Congress 2009

The Icsid World Design Congress 2009 was the parallel event to the Singapore Design Festival 2009. BLACK played a key role in the branding and visual communications of the congress, working on a seamless system of graphics that gradually evolved and depicted the underlying message of ‘Design Difference’. Collaterals included printed materials such as the congress book, brochures, nametags to badges. As well environmental design, infographics and signages for the congress venue.

NTUC Foodfare

BLACK worked on the brand revamp of NTUC Foodfare’s corporate identity as well as the interiors and brand outlook of its food outlets. The design process focused on thoughtful usability for the consumers, from comfort of seating and visibility of stalls, to specially designed hooks located under the tables, for patrons to hang and tuck away their bags.

DSG Scholarship & Capability Program

A set of brochures for DesignSingapore Council’s Scholarship and Capability programs.

UseLess Life 無用生活

UseLess Life 無用生活 was featured in the Kaohsiung Design Festival 2009, in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. ‘UseLess 無用’ is a thematic design project that presents ideas, works and exhibits by leading international designers and creators unified in their exploration on how design can create positive value for the self, society and the world. The concept engages the audience in presentations that dramatically highlight the role and direction design plays in creating a sustainable future.


New Wave 新潮

New Wave, Singapore’s Contemporary Design Culture explores the recent emergence of Singapore’s contemporary design culture. The exhibition captures an exciting phase as the island-stage repositions itself as a global design centre.Featuring 8 prominent local designers who have established themselves as the ‘New Wave’. BLACK curated and designed the show. The exhibition was showcased at the centre for creative communications(CCC); Shizuoka, Japan. Supported by Design Singapore Council. Organised by CCC.

Peranakan Museum

This project was a collaborative effort between W Architects and BLACK. BLACK developed the graphic content, multi-media content including the signage system and decorative graphics for the museum. It is the first museum in Singapore to use graphic design intensively within its environment as both content and decor.

Green Cities

Green Cities was Singapore’s bid for the UIA World Congress 2014. Design of the bid documents and booth in Turin, Italy were inspired by theme of sustainable and green cities for the future.

20/20 BASE

The fourth installment of 20/20, titled ‘BASE’ was exhibited at the National Library in 2007. It explored alternative ways of construction and was built entirely using plastic crates.

President’s Design Award 2007

The President’s Design Award is Singapore’s highest accolade for design – acknowledging good design in the fields of architecture and urban design, fashion design, industrial and product design, interior design and visual communications design. Black created the branding and identity for award – featured here is the publication and nomination kit design for 2007.


Utterubbish!: A Collection of UseLess Ideas, the featured event of Singapore Design Festival 2007, is a unique design experience that presents ideas, works and exhibits by 30 leading international and local designers and creators unified in their exploration on how design can create value for individuals, society and the world, whether Social, Cultural, Emotional, Functional, Economic, Commercial or Intellectual. The event fully integrated an exhibition, a conference, talks and workshops, a publication and a retail concept store to engage audiences as diverse as professional designers and design students to school students, community groups and families. Utterubbish was presented by DesignSingapore Council and produced by Utterubbish Pte Ltd.

President’s Design Award Brand Identity and Design 2006

The President’s Design Award is Singapore’s highest accolade for design – acknowledging good design in the fields of architecture and urban design, fashion design, industrial and product design, interior design and visual communications design.

Black created the brand concept and visual identity for the award – featured here is the publication and nomination kit design for 2006.


Black worked on the brand logo and advertising campaigns for ModLiving, a furniture retailer specialising in contemporary and modern furnishings for the home.


Featured at the 2006 London Design Festival and then in Singapore at the National Library, 20/20 MOVEMENT featured the next crop of 20 local designers. The graphics and exhibition concepts were inspired by the theme of movement, signifying our local designers crossing international borders.


20/20 was an annual show-case of Singapore’s designers that captured the emerging design culture, and shared their ideas and visions of the ever-evolving local creative landscape. For Under Construction, scaffolding was creatively integrated into the exhibition format to represent the ‘construction’ process of the Singapore design scene.

NTU School of Art, Design & Media

Animation for website of Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design & Media.

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Design Difference

This set of lobbying campaign materials designed for Design-Singapore Council successfully won them the bid for the Icsid World Design Congress 2009 to be held in Singapore.

ISM – Lincoln Modern

With the client’s view of its exclusive apartment building as a piece of art, an exercise in luxury both internally and externally. Targeted at the young and affluent, the apartments were launched with an art exhibition where various young international artists exhibited their interpretations of the Lincoln Modern. A commemorative book of the artwork was then presented to the prospective buyers at the launch.

Discovery Channel

Animation of TV Spots for Discovery Channel.

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