Dancing Crab

Dancing Crab is a refreshing, American counterpart to Singapore’s equally famed preferences for seafood, shellfish and rich flavors. The brand promises a mix of robust, country-style Cajun seafood and the distinctive richness of Creole cuisine.

Backed by the TungLok Group, it has since grew in size from its first inception 3 years ago at The GrandStand. The brand has since expanded to outlets all over Singapore and internationally.

BLACK created the brand identity and environmental graphics, communicating a brand image and experience filled with joy and laughter. In 2017, we refreshed the graphics to mark the expansion and growth of the unique ‘Dancing Crab culture’.

0082_Dancing Crab Graphics_001E

0082_Dancing Crab Graphics_002e

0082_Dancing Crab Graphics_004

0082_Dancing Crab Graphics_006

0082_Dancing Crab Graphics_008e

0082_Dancing Crab Graphics_007e

0082_Dancing Crab Graphics_003e

Travel & Living Channel

Graphic animation for a TV Spot introducing Discovery Channel’s Travel & Living channel.

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36 Design Actions

36 Design Actions was a promotional effort done with DesignSingapore Council, to promote the use of design. It contains 36 simple actions to implementing design in our life, work and play.