Noise SG Festival Exhibition 2014

Noise Singapore 2014 is based on the concept of ‘Work in Progress’. The layers of continuous processes that an artist goes through during his/her Work in Progress stage is as important as their final artworks. The exhibition centers around this theme and gives the artists a channel to showcase their processes and their works.


•Noise 12 Sept 035

•Noise 12 Sept 011

•Noise 12 Sept 052

•Noise 12 Sept 089

•Noise 12 Sept 058

•Noise 12 Sept 097

•Noise 12 Sept 140

•Noise 12 Sept 139


•Noise 12 Sept 126

•Noise 12 Sept 016

Travel & Living Channel

Graphic animation for a TV Spot introducing Discovery Channel’s Travel & Living channel.

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36 Design Actions

36 Design Actions was a promotional effort done with DesignSingapore Council, to promote the use of design. It contains 36 simple actions to implementing design in our life, work and play.