Noise SG Festival Exhibition 2015

Noise 2015-02

Curiosity is a powerful force that drives us forward. As kids we’re insatiably inquisitive. Everything – from cups to cupboards, dirt to our own hands – fascinates us. For many of us, we start losing our appetite for curiosity as we get older.

The young artists of Noise Singapore are at the developmental stage of their careers, where they are curious and hungry. We wanted to showcase their curiosities and fascinations through the exhibition design and commissioned artworks, and to question what fascinates them and arouses their curiosity? What attracts them to create? How do they stay curious?

The concept of Curiosity was adopted into the Noise Singapore Festival Exhibition 2015’s design, in line with Noise’s 10th anniversary. It celebrates the thousands of curiosities that have been brought to Noise in the past decade.



















Travel & Living Channel

Graphic animation for a TV Spot introducing Discovery Channel’s Travel & Living channel.

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36 Design Actions

36 Design Actions was a promotional effort done with DesignSingapore Council, to promote the use of design. It contains 36 simple actions to implementing design in our life, work and play.