Violet Oon Singapore


Violet Oon Singapore is a showcase of Singapore’s treasure trove of secret home recipes from their Peranakan heritage while at the same time reflecting Singapore’s history as the crossroads of the world with their repertoire of foods from many lands.

The brand revamp reflects Violet’s rich heritage background as a Singapore Nyonya and her food journey thus far. The monogram logomark is inspired by the elements of the Peranakan tiles & how Violet used to sign off her articles written for The Food Paper.

The branding was also expanded to their second outlet at the National Gallery – National Kitchen by Violet Oon Singapore, which celebrates Singapore’s fine flavours located in the iconic historical City Hall building. And to Violet Oon Satay Bar and Grill, the latest concept by Violet Oon Singapore. It relishes the chargrilled scents and flavours of Singapore’s satays, meats, and seafood accompanied with fiery signature sauces at our laid-back bar & grill.

Interior design by LAANK.



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