SG50 was a year of great memories and celebrations. Moving forward as a nation, we continue to celebrate the SG spirit with a new identity.

The SG logo will still retain the core meaning of the SG50 logo. It represents our kindling Singapore Spirit, that lives in the things we do and behind how we do them day after day. It symbolises the shared values and aspirations that bind us as a nation. We begin a new chapter with the spirit to build a
better future for Singapore together. The SG logo was created for use by all who would like to identify with the Singapore Spirit.

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The SG logo was applied to SGfuture – a series of engagement sessions that provided a platform for Singaporeans to openly discuss their hopes and dreams for the next chapter of the nation’s story. The series signalled the start of a journey in which Singaporeans would work together to co-create greater success beyond SG50.


SGfuture screengrab

Travel & Living Channel

Graphic animation for a TV Spot introducing Discovery Channel’s Travel & Living channel.

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36 Design Actions

36 Design Actions was a promotional effort done with DesignSingapore Council, to promote the use of design. It contains 36 simple actions to implementing design in our life, work and play.